【Hangzhou kechuang mission】

To make scientific, integrity of the enterprise as own duty, for the construction of a harmonious society, harmonious environment.

【Hangzhou kechuang core values】

With scientific attitude, the concept of innovation, the good faith of the operation to run a business, in order to continuously improve service quality, advocated that the customer's annoyance to zero as the motive force of the existence of kechuang, with the heart of the love, the report about society.

【Hangzhou kechuang vision】

Let every employee the joyful work, do a good faith, excellence enterprises, sustainable development by operating enterprises make contributions to the state and society.

【Tthe quality policy of Hangzhou kechuang】

With scientific attitude, the concept of innovation, on product quality, service, technology and cost continuously, continuous improvement and exceed customer's expectations, to become the first choice of customers.

【The hangzhou kechuang occupational health and environment policy】

Kechuang people advocating healthy and zero harm culture, abide by the countries where the occupational safety, health and environmental protection requirements, through continuous improvement, constantly improve the management level, reduce the market risk, saving energy consumption, pollution prevention, for employees to build a safe, healthy, comfortable and harmonious environment.